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Get more from your existing client bank with Second Charge mortgages

22-Jun-2018 09:28:46

Are you looking for ways to generate more business?

The obvious, simple solution may be right in front of you…

Many of your clients may need to raise additional funds but are locked into:

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How to spot landlord opportunities

14-Jun-2018 14:36:33

According to a recent report, April saw the highest number of landlords selling their Buy-to-Let properties since records began in 2016.

With extra stamp duty and stricter regulatory and lender tests in place, it seems many landlords are exiting the market.

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Financial education 101: what are bridging loans?

02-May-2018 17:27:11


Individuals and businesses can find themselves in need of short-term funding in all sorts of situations: whether it’s for buying a property, getting a new build or other business project off the ground, or meeting refurbishment costs.

In situations like these, there are a number of options available for gaining the funding fast, but an increasingly popular one is the bridging loan.

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£291 reduction in outgoings with a Second Charge mortgage

17-Apr-2018 15:18:48

Loan: Second Charge Mortgage
Amount: £25,000
Monthly Repayment Cost: £375
Completion: 6 days from application

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Are bridging loans an expensive choice?

10-Apr-2018 09:34:11


As a useful source of short-term capital, bridging loans are well known for offering a fast, temporary and interest-only funding solution. But everything else - such as when you’d use one, who bridging would suit, or how it works – is a little less clear.

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