September 18, 2018

£427,500 bridging loan used as a deposit to secure a property

bridging to secure


Loan: Bridging loan
Amount: £427,500 
Completion: 4 days from customer application received

Here's how we helped one of our broker's customers use a bridging loan as a deposit on a property, in just 4 days from the application being received from the customer:



A client introduced to Enterprise had spotted an exciting investment property, needing £427,500 as a deposit to secure the deal. The client owned an unencumbered investment property valued at £950,000


The deposit money was needed in one week, and a High Street Buy-to-Let remortgage could not be done in such a tight time frame.


We arranged a 3 month Bridging Loan for £427,500 and from application received, funds were received in 4 days.

3 months leeway gave the client enough time to arrange a Buy-to-Let remortgage.

With over 15 years of extensive experience in this market and access to a range of lenders, we can help your clients with rates from 0.44% per month, up to 75% LTV and up to 100% LTV with additional security.

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