August 24, 2018

Bridging loans for more than broken chains...

bridging loan broken chain


If you’re not that familiar with bridging loans, you may only think of them as the ‘go-to’ solution when a property purchase collapses… But, did you know bridging loans could be an extremely useful option for your property professional and business clients in need of a short-term cash injection? Here’s why:


Flexible loan sizes

Bridging loans are interest-only loans secured on property or land, from £50k to £30m with loan terms from 1 month to 18 months.

Fewer lending barriers

Bridging lenders are typically able to make lending decisions on the current value of the property, even if it needs a lot of work.

Quick decisions


We see a typical turnaround time from initial enquiry to completion in just two weeks – but in some cases as little as three days.


no penalty

Unlike many other loans, there is generally no penalty for early repayment, so your client can pay it back whenever the job’s done.

When can you spot opportunities? Bridging may be ideal for clients who:

  • Need to complete quickly
  • Have cash flow issues in the middle of a project
  • Want to buy properties:
    • At auction
    • That are unmortgageable, needing complete renovation or development
    • For development but don’t have planning permission
  • Regulated and non-regulated bridging loans available


So, why not contact us now?

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