September 6, 2016

New Video Guide to the Apex Broker Portal


Hello, and welcome to an introduction to Enterprise Finance’s new Apex broker portal

I’m Paul Huxter, Head of Sales for Enterprise, and I’ll be taking you through what Apex is and how you can easily use it to source, refer and track second charge mortgages.



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As the UK’s largest Specialist Finance Distributor for 2nd Charge Mortgages, dedicated to the intermediary market, we wanted to have best-in-class technology to help our broker-partners find and manage 2nd charge mortgages for their clients.This is all part of making it as easy as possible for brokers to access the 2nd charge market.With the implementation of the EU Mortgage Credit Directive on 21st March 2016, changing the regulatory environment for 2nd Charge loans dramatically, we decided to build our new Apex broker portal around the new regulated processes.

We designed Apex to be intuitive and very easy to use, yet comprehensive and able to give indicative quotes upfront that are as accurate as possible, before affordability checks are done. Not only compliant with MCD processes, but also to create and save any required documentation. As a standard system for tracking progress on a case, not just for sourcing or referring business. Today, I will demonstrate just how straightforward it is to access these functions.

In summary, then, I hope you can see that Apex is here to make it easier than anywhere else to access the 2nd charge market.

Its intuitive design makes it straightforward to use, but with all the functionality you need for a comprehensive view of the 2nd charge marketplace, through which you can access Enterprise’s comprehensive panel of specialist second charge lenders to get your clients the right option for them, in a way that also works for you and your business, with compliance done as a matter of course.

We would encourage you to sign-up today.

Go to the Apex  Broker Portal