August 8, 2018

Help your clients fund home improvement projects

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According to recent studies, existing homeowners are moving less frequently than they used to – changing every 20 years, compared to the traditional 7 - 9 years. With the cost of moving now more expensive than in the past, 48% of homeowners in the UK have plans to spend money on home improvements projects in the coming months – more than those heading away for a summer holiday.

So, how can you help your clients with funding for home improvement projects?

30% of Enterprise Second Charge mortgage completions last year were for home improvements.

Second Charge mortgages can prove an extremely useful option for raising funds, often ideal if:

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A remortgage or unsecured loans don’t suit your client They want to avoid paying an Early Repayment Charge on an existing mortgage The interest rate on their current mortgage is really low and they do not want to lose it by remortgaging



You may believe Second Charge mortgages are difficult to arrange - but with Enterprise it’s simple... With a two to four week completion average, we can quickly help your clients access a range of competitive lenders and see their application through from enquiry to completion.

Click here to explore how a customer used a Second Charge to raise £35k for home improvements in just 7 days.


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