June 14, 2018

How to spot landlord opportunities

police station converted into a buy to let property

According to a recent report, April saw the highest number of landlords selling their Buy-to-Let properties since records began in 2016.

With extra stamp duty and stricter regulatory and lender tests in place, it seems many landlords are exiting the market.

But we’re also seeing landlords taking advantage of regional locations for higher yield opportunities, and less conventional property types such as HMOs and mixed use.

How are they able to raise the capital? Complex Buy-to-Let mortgages.

Complex BTL mortgages cater for borrowers in many everyday scenarios that High Street lenders will not consider. Do you have any clients in similar situations?

  • Portfolio landlords – High Street lenders typically won’t consider landlords with more than four properties
  • Limited companies
  • Foreign or expat buyers
  • Sub-prime credit borrowers
  • Self-employed individuals
  • Residential and commercial properties, or a mixture of the two, e.g. student houses, HMOs, multi-unit properties with one title deed, a shop with flats above it.

With Enterprise Finance you can help your clients access up to 80% LTV, rates from 2.99%, stress rates from 4.19%, 125% rental calculation – and no landlord exposure limits.

So, can you spot any opportunities to help your landlords, stay landlords?

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Despite its perception as a complicated product, see how easy it was for a Ltd company to utilise a £580,500 complex BTL mortgage to convert an old Police Station into residential flats - and help fund their next project. Explore case study