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Further advances vs. Second Charge mortgages

08-Nov-2018 14:15:22

When customers wish to borrow additional capital against their property equity, they will inevitably look to you for a rundown of possible options. And while refinancing their existing First mortgage may seem like the obvious way forward, it’s not always a comfortable fit for a borrower, especially if it would require tearing up an existing, highly-attractive tracker or fixed-rate deal.

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How to spot opportunities with regulated Second Charge mortgages

12-Oct-2018 15:43:40

When a remortgage or an unsecured loan simply doesn't meet your client's needs - could a Second Charge mortgage be appropriate?

You already know under MCOB rules, even if you don’t have Second Charge permissions, you have to as an absolute minimum – tell clients that the option exists and that it may be better for them.

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Get creative with bridging loans

10-Oct-2018 15:25:34

Bridging finance has evolved to become so much more than a ‘chain break’ solution. With its flexibility and short-term nature, intermediaries are finding increasingly creative ways to take advantage of opportunities High Street lenders may not be able to help with.

Could you help a client get creative?

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£427,500 bridging loan used as a deposit to secure a property

18-Sep-2018 16:54:06

Loan: Bridging loan
Amount: £427,500 
Completion: 4 days from customer application received

Here's how we helped one of our broker's customers use a bridging loan as a deposit on a property, in just 4 days from the application being received from the customer:

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New to mortgage brokering? Finding the perfect opportunities within commercial loans

10-Sep-2018 15:36:09

From Buy-to-Let landlords through to expanding leisure and retail brands, with commercial loan arrangements as part of your service offering, your brokerage firm becomes instantly better equipped to meet the needs of a wide range of businesses.

But do you know what type of client might be eligible for development finance? And do you know if your client has considered a bridging loan to more traditional funding routes?

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