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Bridging loans for more than broken chains...

24-Aug-2018 11:21:07

If you’re not that familiar with bridging loans, you may only think of them as the ‘go-to’ solution when a property purchase collapses… But, did you know bridging loans could be an extremely useful option for your property professional and business clients in need of a short-term cash injection? Here’s why:

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Help your clients fund home improvement projects

08-Aug-2018 14:45:48

According to recent studies, existing homeowners are moving less frequently than they used to – changing every 20 years, compared to the traditional 7 - 9 years. With the cost of moving now more expensive than in the past, 48% of homeowners in the UK have plans to spend money on home improvements projects in the coming months – more than those heading away for a summer holiday.

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£35k for home improvements with a Second Charge mortgage, in 7 days

31-Jul-2018 14:43:24

Loan: Second Charge Mortgage
Amount: £35,000

Here's how we helped one of our broker's customers fund a home improvement project in just 7 days from the application being received from the customer:

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Second Charge mortgage reduces client outgoings by £731 a month

26-Jul-2018 15:43:58

Loan: Second Charge Mortgage
Amount: £47,885
Monthly Repayment Cost: £389.36
Completion: 4 days from customer application received

Here's how we helped one of our broker's customers reduce their monthly outgoings by £731 a month, in just 4 days from the application being received from the customer:

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Mortgage broker advice: bridging finance for foreign currency earners

19-Jul-2018 11:31:25

Financing and cash-flow snags can arise in even the most straightforward property transaction. And as a broker, your readiness to help clients fix these issues is all part of the service. Yet clients who use foreign currency assets to fund property transactions can find it especially tough to solve short-term financing issues, and the challenge involves presenting a workable solution that takes their circumstances (and their location) into account.

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