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Are bridging loans an expensive choice?

10-Apr-2018 09:34:11


As a useful source of short-term capital, bridging loans are well known for offering a fast, temporary and interest-only funding solution. But everything else - such as when you’d use one, who bridging would suit, or how it works – is a little less clear.

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Complex Buy-to-Let mortgage for a Ltd Company [Case Study]

12-Mar-2018 18:10:12

Loan: Complex BTL
Amount: £580,500
Rate Offered: 4.88% Fixed for 5 Years, 10-year term on Interest Only (reversion rate after 5 years 3.84%+ LIBOR)
Monthly Repayment Cost: £2,384.31pcm
Completion: 12-week turnaround

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6 major challenges to placing clients with second charge mortgages

27-Oct-2017 09:44:16

We have recently been hosting a series of webinars on Second Charge Mortgages and how to arrange them. To get a real understanding of how we could help, we decided to ask our attendees what their biggest challenges actually were with placing second charge mortgages.

These were the six most common challenges we identified:

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Why your client might want a bridging loan

20-Apr-2017 15:41:40

Bridging lending increased during the last six months of 2016, and with more lenders moving into the market Harry Landy, Sales Director of Enterprise Finance explains how the loans work and how they can help your clients. 

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A second charge can manage affordability limits when consolidating debt

20-Dec-2016 05:28:00

Restructuring unsecured debt can reduce monthly outgoings hugely...

... but to do so with a first charge mortgage, clients often run into conventional income multiple limits on affordability.

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