October 25, 2016

Second Charge Mortgage [VERY Quick Case Study]


 The Problem

  • A couple had property valued £260,000 mortgage, with £50,000 with C&G
  • The husband was 58 years old with an income of £12,800 & £4000 private pension
  • The wife was 54 years old and had an income £17,000 & £1,100 private pension
  • They had £100,000 of unsecured debt which cost them £2,508 PM
  • A remortgage was not possible because of clients’ age, pension income

The Solution

  • Enterprise advised on and arranged a £50,000 second charge loan which cost £868 PM, with £12,000 HP - £500 PM, £38,000 C/C - £1140 PM)

Sound like something one of your clients might need? Then check out this short video about second charge mortages for more information. 

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