Complex Buy-to-Let


Complex buy-to-let mortgages provide a means to borrow when circumstances are a little quirky. From HMO, holiday lets and MUFBs to commercial and residential buildings, we can help clients in all manner of situations. We recently hosted a webinar on how to place difficult Buy-to-Let mortgages.

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Key Features

  • UK and offshore companies considered
  • Flexible landlord exposure limits
  • First-time landlords and property owners considered
  • Wide range of property types considered
  • Available to expats and foreign nationals

Why use us for Buy-to-Let?

Ideal for clients with circumstances a little more out of the ordinary, we can help secure funding for a wide range of scenarios, and deliver a tailored solution.

speed-of-service-min Speed of service, faster turnaround times

flexible-criteria-min More flexible criteria on things such as income, adverse credit, property construction type, minimal experience, portfolio landlord

stress-testing-min More lenient stress testing, application type (Ltd Co, Off-Shore)

residential-and-commercial-min We lend on both residential and commercial

LTV-min Up to 80% LTV

no-minimum-income-min No minimum income


Buy-to-Let Commercial Finance

How to place difficult Buy-to-Let cases

Frequently asked questions

The basics

What is a complex buy-to-let loan?

A complex buy-to-let mortgage is used for the remortgage or purchase of a property for rental purposes, that high street lenders would usually decline to lend against. 

Which types of property might need a complex buy-to-let loan?

Examples of non-standard properties might include:

  • Serviced accommodation and student residences
  • Houses in multiple occupation (HMO)
  • Multi-unit properties with one title deed
  • Freehold properties split into several flats
  • Flats above shops, including fast food and takeaways
  • Ex local authority flats

Who can apply?

Individuals and limited companies can apply for a complex buy-to-let loan.

When will my client find out if their application has been successful?

Our experience means that in most cases we will be able to give an indication almost straight away whether your client’s application is likely to be successful.

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