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Experience lightning-fast development finance support from Enterprise Finance. We have the knowledge, experience and expertise to help you secure the funding needed to take advantage of a development opportunity.

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Why development finance?

Delivering finance based upon gross development value (GDV), development finance provides an opportunity to generate funds for property refurbishment or construction projects.

At Enterprise Finance, we connect you to a network of leading development finance providers, delivering access to a comprehensive range of products for all types of projects, including:

  • Residential, commercial, and mixed-use
  • Single and multiple units
  • Ground-up new-build developments
  • Conversions and renovations
  • Development-to-let
  • UK and offshore limited company borrowers

Key features

  • Efficient application process
  • Loans from £150,000 to £25,000,000 available
  • Build costs available up to 100%
  • GDV available up to 65%
  • Land purchase price available up to 60%
  • Highly personal service from start to finish
  • 24-month terms available

Frequently asked questions

What is development finance?

Development finance is a loan used for property development, such as refurbishment projects or construction. Ranging from single residential unit renovations right up to large-scale, ground-up development schemes of mixed-use properties, development finance includes any form of refurbishment or construction project.

Who can apply?

Any individual or limited company can apply for development finance.

What does development finance cover?

Development Finance can be arranged for residential properties like townhouses and flats, new builds and terraced houses, commercial properties such as warehouses, factories, shops and offices, as well as semi-commercial or mixed-use developments.

How are development finance rates calculated?

Development Finance is typically arranged based on a valuation assessment of the project that is planned, once all the works have been completed – known as the Gross Development Value (GDV).

Do development finance loans have to be taken all at once?

The loan does not have to be taken altogether upfront but can be drawn-down in tranches as stages of development are complete.

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