Complex Buy to Let Mortgage

Many lenders will not consider a buy to let mortgage application if the circumstances surrounding your client’s property are not straightforward. In this instance, you may need to recommend a complex buy to let mortgage.

Complex buy to let mortgages can be used for both residential or commercial property – or even a mixture of the two. Examples include student houses, houses in multiple occupation (HMO) lets, or multi-unit properties with one title deed.

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We provide access via a panel of complex buy to let lenders

Access to complex buy-to-let lenders can be highly restricted for intermediaries however. That’s because most providers will only lend through approved distributors such as Enterprise.

Not only do we provide you with access to a panel of the best complex buy-to-let lenders, but Enterprise also simplifies the process for you, by seeing your client’s application through from its initial enquiry all the way to its completion.

Introduction to Complex Buy-to-Let and Commercial Mortgages [Video]

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Complex buy-to-let loan FAQs

What is a complex buy-to-let loan?

As the name suggests, complex buy-to-let loans are usually needed when traditional High Street lenders do not wish to lend.

Which types of property might need a complex buy-to-let loan?

Examples of when a property is not straightforward might include:

  • student residencies
  • houses in multiple occupation (HMO) lets
  • multi-unit properties with one title deed
  • a freehold property split into a number of flats
  • a shop with flats above it

Who can apply?

Individuals and limited companies can apply for a complex buy-to-let loan.

When will my client find out if their application has been successful?

Our experience means that in most cases we will be able to confirm almost straight away whether your client’s application is likely to be successful.

What commission do Enterprise pay to intermediaries on complex buy-to-let loans?

Commission typically is up to 1% of the loan amount but can vary on a case by case basis.

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