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Development Finance does what it says on the tin: finance structured development projects. These can range from renovating a single residential unit right up to large-scale, ground-up development schemes of mixed use properties.

Development Finance is typically arranged based on a valuation assessment of the project that is planned, once all the works have been completed - the Gross Development Value (GDV).

Lenders will then lend up to a proportion of this GDV for experienced developers to get the work done, subject to other constraints like funding a maximum proportion of any building costs, or how fees and interest are to be paid. The loan does not have to be taken altogether upfront, but can be drawn-down in tranches as stages of development are complete.

We have a network of leading and diverse development finance providers offering a comprehensive range of products for all types of development. We can structure bespoke development finance packages that can suit your client's financial needs. We know who to find to get the most favourable terms.

With us, you have a large amount of flexibility as we can often find ways to get the deal done when the situation is complex.

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Development Finance key features

Our carefully-selected panel of Development Finance lenders can offer loans with:
  • up to 60% of land purchase price
  • up to 90% of build costs
  • up to 100% of fees and interest retained in the loan
  • up to 65% of GDV
  • can lend at higher levels with additional security
  • loans from £150,000 to £25,000,000 
  • up to 24 month terms

Projects we can arrange Development Finance for

We have a comprehensive range of Development Finance that can accommodate:
  • residential, commercial and mixed-use
  • single and multiple units
  • ground-up new build developments
  • conversions and renovations
  • development-to-let
  • self-build projects without prior experience
  • UK and offshore limited company borrowers

Property Development Finance from the Experts

If you need long or short-term development finance, Enterprise Finance can help. Apply today to talk to our friendly professional experts - we're always happy to help.

Enterprise Finance are well-known in the industry for our diverse knowledge of all types of complex specialist finance. We have helped '000s of customers achieve their goals when sometimes others couldn't, so it's worth giving us a call.

Enterprise Finance is focused on providing the kind of financial agility needed to seize development opportunities. That includes having access to a comprehensive array of Development Finance, as well as to alternatives like Bridging Finance, if conventional development funding doesn't fit.

Development Finance from Enterprise:

  • Our terms are flexible and can be based around your development plans
  • Your application can be complete in as little as 24 hours providing we have the necessary documents
  • We can release funds that can help you get on with your development
  • Our interest rates are set deal-by-deal so get in touch for more information
  • Our service is personal to the last - we'll see your deal through from start to completion
  • We have the experts: our advisers are second to none and receive the best training in the industry so you can be sure you'll get the best deal

Arranging development finance through Enterprise Finance is a stress-free process and we have extremely quick turnaround times. 

Residential Development Finance

Development Finance can be arranged for residential properties like townhouses and flats, new builds and terraced houses, and conversions including of Grade II listed buildings.

Commercial Development Finance

Funding can be arranged for commercial Development Finance for projects like warehouses, factories, shops and offices, as well as semi-commercial or mixed use developments. 

Get the Best Advice from Enterprise

Enterprise Finance will make sure you get the expert advice you need for your clients' commercial Development Finance or their residential development projects.
Don't settle for less - get your Development Finance from the experts. Apply today and grow your business with Enterprise Finance.


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